Day 1
23 Sep 2017


Continental Breakfast & Socializing

Discovery & Define: Understanding the Problem

“Framing the right problem is the only way to create the right solution.” WHAT is the Discovery and Define mode The Discovery and Define mode of the design process is all...
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User Center Design Session

Understanding & Applying Co-creation Methodologies : Learn approaches to generate and execute new ideas. We will present methodologies to unlock new visions of the future. This session will give you...
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Teams Work On Project

“Build to think and test to learn.” WHAT is the Prototype mode The Prototype mode is the iterative generation of artifacts intended to answer questions that get you closer to...
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Open Data + Action = Impact

Open data holds tremendous amounts of potential value, but not an ounce of value can be created unless insights are uncovered and translated into actions or impact. During these session(s)...
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Day 2
24 Sep 2017
12:15 - 13:15

Working Lunch